A woman's body is not a battlefield

Project Resilience endeavors to effect immediate and long-term change for women who are victims of physical and emotional violence, supporting recovery and restoring hope for a future with dignity and independence.

At present we are working to serve the urgent needs of women who are struggling to survive the mass sexual violence which has plagued the Democratic Republic of Congo for a decade. In this war-ravaged country, women's bodies have been reduced to battlefields, as they are tortured, mutilated, gang-raped, forced into sexual slavery, and left for dead.

The Panzi Hospital, located in the South Kivu province, was established in 1999 in response to the atrocities committed as a feature of the ongoing conflict in the DRC. Though it is a full-service hospital, the majority of patients are victims of sexual violence who are in need of medical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Project Resilience , in collaboration with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, aims to raise $20,000 this year to support medical missions to the hospital.

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